Guide to Probate

A short insight into Probate and what may be involved

RMNJ appreciate that when it comes to considering dealing with probate administration, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. You may need to ask yourself "should I be an executor?" at all, and you may have questions about executors and administrators and acting in the administration.

You may be asking at the beginning "is there a will or what's an intestacy?" and having to get acquainted with grants of probate and letters of administration.

Once matters are under way there may be tricky considerations such as determining when is an asset not an estate asset, or dealing with estate debts and the challenge of working out inheritance tax.

As the probate administration nears a close you may find that distributing an estate accurately is not always easy and having to understand estate accounts — what are they and who sees them.

We hope that being more aware of some of the issues and challenges involved in handling a probate administration will help you if you are thinking of going it alone or when deciding upon RMNJ for probate.

RMNJ are always glad to discuss any questions you have without obligation and at first instance entirely free of charge.