Deciding upon RMNJ for Probate

We understand how difficult a time this maybe for you after the loss of a loved one and RMNJ Solicitors aim to provide a range of services suitable for your needs. Whether you require a bespoke service, face to face interviews, home visits or a limited grant only service RMNJ Solicitors offer a competitive rates and funding options to suit all requirements.

Why use RMNJ?

RMNJ Solicitors is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and carries full professional indemnity cover giving you peace of mind knowing that your Probate matter is being handled by a regulated organisation and by a practice you can trust. We offer highly competitive rates and funding arrangements to suit all individual needs and we keep your satisfaction with our service at the centre of what we do.

I'm not local, does this matter?

RMNJ Solicitors are fully conversed in the latest technology (including Skype, Facetime, Zoom etc.) so if you wish to take advantage of RMNJ’s competitive rates or funding options there is no obstacle simply due to distance.

What is best for me, an hourly charging rate or a fixed fee?

It depends upon your preference and needs.

Our hourly rates are among the most competitive around and knowing that you will only be paying for the work we do and that we are experienced and efficient means you have peace of mind that the estate is administered at a fair cost. We will always provide you with the best estimate at the start because each estate is unique.

If you prefer a fixed price service for administration this can work out more costly dependent upon your estate, but we are happy to provide a fixed price quotation where possible.

I think I can administer the Estate myself, I just need help with obtaining a Grant of Probate.

We understand that each Estate is unique and not every Executor or Administrator requires a full probate service. RMNJ Solicitors include a Grant Only service.

This service is limited to the preparation of the Inheritance Tax Form (on information provided by the Executors), completion and submission of the probate application and obtaining the Grant for the Executor or Administrator who complete the administration of the Estate themselves.

This service is recommended only for persons who are confident of their ability to handle the administration process themselves as all responsibility for that process remains with them.

RMNJ are always glad to discuss any questions you have without obligation and at first instance entirely free of charge.

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