Planning for your future today can ease the weight on your mind

Florence Nightingale died a young woman at 38 years old. Although she had been suffering chronic illness for some time her death came quickly and unexpectedly. She had devoted her life to the care of others and having expressed the wish for a quiet modest funeral her relatives turned down the offer of a national funeral. Her wishes were followed by her family but what if they hadn’t known and what if she hadn’t been able to tell them?

Serious illness or the sudden loss of a family member can create turmoil but with some early and careful planning when you are fit and well you can ease the weight on your mind ,ensure that your wishes are followed and make matters lighter for your loved ones to deal with when the time comes.

Making your will and combining your planning with a power of attorney at the same time is such a positive thing to do and its never too soon to get these things sorted so you can get on with your life without those nagging worries about what if?

If we lose capacity it can result in real complications for our families who can’t pay our bills, deal with our finances or make decisions about our health or how we or our children are cared for.

So, whilst we do have capacity and before it is too late and even though we don’t need help yet we should consider putting a mechanism in place by creating a lasting power of attorney which will allow someone to deal with our affairs in the event that we lose mental capacity.

Equally people don’t always appreciate until it’s too late the importance of making a will and quite often they have hopeful misconceptions about what will happen even if they don’t. Only by making a will can you be certain that your wishes will be followed rather than the law simply dictating how your assets are given away.

Whether you are thinking of appointing a guardian for your children, expressing funeral wishes or leaving that special thank you to a friend or a charity, you can only guarantee your wishes are followed by making your will.

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