Thinking of making your Will at home?

Legal tasks can appear relatively simple and straightforward, but the risk is not realising the consequences if we get it wrong.

It's the same with other tasks, would you feel confident working on the electrics in your home, fixing the engine of your car if these were not your areas of expertise? Tasks like these and many others may seem possible and we all think we can ‘give it a go’, but having the work carried out by a professionally trained person who is insured and regulated means you avoid putting yourself at risk. Making a homemade Will or utilising an online will generator may appear straightforward and cheaper but simple mistakes can mean a higher price is paid in the end.

It can be very risky if you do not understand legal implications such as how step children need to be correctly referred to, what happens if people named in the will die before you, not adequately describing an asset , not executing or signing the will correctly plus many more situations, could mean the will is invalid.

Finding out a will is invalid is most likely to occur after it’s too late. If you have cut someone out or not adequately provided for someone there could be a challenge after your death. Court applications may be required to clarify matters, or your estate might not even end up passing to the people you thought you had chosen.

The same can apply to preparing your own Lasting Power of Attorney documents. Not understanding the different ways attorneys can be appointed or failing to consider replacements, could mean that the document is valid but practically it simply doesn't work.

Again, this might only be discovered when the power of attorney comes to be used and when it might be too late to fix it because you have by then lost capacity.

Dealing with someone's affairs after they have died and Administering the Estate whether they have left a will or not without understanding your role and legal duties means that you could be personally liable for claims against the estate. Sometimes, when you accept the role of executor it might not be clear how complex an estate can be or how difficult other relatives might be to manage. Getting sound legal guidance from the start can protect you and provide the shield you need against difficult and demanding family members

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