Personal Injury Funding

We will discuss funding and fees with you from the start, before you incur any cost.

If Legal Aid is available for your case we will apply without charge to the Legal Aid Agency seeking funding.

If Legal Aid is not available for your case we can offer fixed fees and pay as you go instalments and "No Win No Fee" in suitable cases.

We will always give a clear written indication of our fees and the money we expect to pay out on your behalf during the case at the start and from time to time during the proceedings so you always know so far as is possible the costs you have agreed to incur.

Legal Aid is not available for Personal Injury Claims.

You could choose to fund the case yourself but most of our clients opt for our No Win No Fee arrangement. This gives you full legal representation with no upfront charges and no legal costs to pay if you lose.

No Win No Fee is more correctly called a Conditional Fee Agreement but it still means that if you lose you don’t pay us any legal fees.

The Government has made changes recently so that people making a claim have "stake" in the process. Under the new arrangements you pay up to a maximum of 25% of your compensation towards your own legal fees only if you win but never more than that and you can rest assured that our experts guarantee to recover maximum compensation for you.