Mental Health Services

Areas of Expertise

Mental Health Tribunals

RMNJ Mental Health Solicitors have extensive knowledge and experience in representing clients at Mental Health Tribunals. We represent clients under all sections of the Mental Health Act 1983 within hospitals across the country and in the community.

Levels of Security

RMNJ Mental Health Solicitors represent clients detained within all levels of security, we represent clients within high secure hospitals, medium secure hospitals and low secure hospitals, as well as clients in the community.

High Court and Judicial Review

We have taken many cases against public bodies such as health authorities and social services departments to establish and protect our clients’ human rights. Some of these cases are now enshrined in English Law.


RMNJ Mental Health Solicitors also specialise in acting for prisoners with treatment and transfer issues.

Court of Protection

We specialise in Deprivation of Liberty cases, Welfare applications including capacity to make decisions about residence, contact, sexual relations, social media and treatment and also assist family members to apply to manage their relatives’ finances where they are unable to do so themselves.