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Mental Health

Established in 1999, our Mental Health department has grown into one of the leading teams in the country. Since then, we have acted in thousands of cases ranging from Mental Health Tribunals to the Court of Appeal.

We regularly represent vulnerable people and their families in the Court of Protection and advise on issues arising from the Mental Capacity Act.

Our lawyers are specialists in the areas of Mental Health and Mental Capacity law and are able to provide advice, assistance and representation in all aspects of work under the Mental Health Act and the Mental Capacity Act.


Applications to the Mental Health Tribunal and to the Court of Protection to challenge deprivations of liberty in hospitals and care homes are state funded. Clients are not subject to means assessment, nor are they required to make monetary contributions towards their legal fees.

Other issues, such as Hospital Managers Hearings, Judicial Review and welfare applications in the Court of Protection are subject to means assessment. In the majority of cases, however, these matters are likely to be funded by Legal Aid. Competitive rates are available for applications to the Court of Protection in respect of property and financial matters.

RMNJ Mental Health Lawyers have experienced qualified staff to deal with representation before the Court of Protection, Mental Health Tribunal and Hospital Managers. We also represent people over other issues arising from the Mental Health Act, including Treatment, Leave, Nearest Relative matters and important aspects of Human Rights Law.