Resolving conflict


An effective way to resolve disputes without the need to go to court.

Mediation is a way of resolving disputes where the mediator assists the parties to negotiate their own settlement. The whole process is without prejudice and confidential. A trained Mediator who is impartial and independent of the parties uses various techniques to help them find a solution they can both live with.

The parties can decide for themselves to try mediation or a Court may require you to use mediation before a case proceeds further. Whilst it lacks the formality of a court no one needs to give ground if they do not wish to do so. The object of the exercise is to resolve the dispute by negotiating a mutually acceptable solution for all concerned.

The outcome may not be either party’s perfect outcome but will at least be a solution they can both live with unlike Court proceedings where there is inevitably a winner and a loser. Key benefits are that the parties save time, potentially a huge amount of money on legal costs, avoid the risk of losing outright and the distress of Court attendance.

Most mediations settle, but if no solution is found, then nothing is lost.

Everything said at a mediation is confidential and the mediator will destroy any notes he has made when it ends. Neither party can rely later on concessions made without prejudice at the mediation. Even if no agreement can be found the parties will have gained a greater understanding of their respective positions.

Often disputes which fail to settle on the day end up settling shortly afterwards, when those involved have had time to reflect. Most mediations are concluded in a working day and a binding agreement is drawn up and signed before the parties leave.

RMNJ can offer mediation services in a whole range of disputes from family and domestic cases to building disputes, insurance claims and contested wills and probate estates.

Our qualified and accredited mediators have vast experience both acting as independent mediators and in representing parties at mediation when they can really make their deep understanding of the process count in helping you to find the best outcome for you.