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Criminal Law

RMNJ Criminal Law Solicitors are based in Birkenhead on the Wirral near Liverpool and Chester. We draw on vast experience in every field of criminal law and have a long history of dealing with criminal cases representing clients in the Police Station, Magistrates Court and Crown Court.

Police Station

If you or someone you know is arrested or asked to assist police with enquiries call us before agreeing to be interviewed, we come out any time of day or night and represent you in interview. 0151 647 0000 (out of hours call and listen for details of how to contact us when the office is closed).

Remember: the police are there to investigate allegations of crime and gather evidence for the prosecution. You can ensure a fair outcome at the police station by instructing us. It’s an entitlement to have a solicitor at the interview and is legally aided for all regardless of income or savings. Ask for RMNJ - day or night including weekends.

Magistrates and Crown Court

If you are prosecuted we will represent you. We have rights of audience in the Crown Court with our own lawyers who will know you and your case in detail.

The Criminal Justice System in the UK uses police and state funded lawyers to prove the case against an individual. The courts are there to see if the prosecution case is proved, not to investigate the facts.

A fair outcome can only be assured in these courts if the defendant represented by skilled and robust lawyers who can match the lawyers employed by the Crown. We will present the defence case with commitment, authority and skill to cross examine and test the prosecution witnesses and present the defence case.

What if you are found guilty or wish to plead guilty? Plea in Mitigation

RMNJ will represent you in court and present your case in mitigation. This is always worthwhile, our lawyers can put your case and explain the circumstances that led to the offence however serious or trivial.

Examples: An assault may have been prompted by lengthy provocation or goading, a minor speeding offence with automatic points committed inadvertently where a ban might result in you losing your job.

We can help you in every case.

Fixed fees for certain Magistrates' Court hearings affected by the Solicitors Regulation Authority Transparency Regulations


In certain motoring cases we are obliged to give certain information to assist potential clients who may be considering our services. For full information about our fixed fee representation in such cases, visit our Criminal Law Department Transparency Rules 2018 page.